Making a video is exciting but also a little scary. Most people think a lot about what they’re going to wear or what’s in their teeth but not as much about the strategy behind the video. In an effort to help the world make better video content, here are three questions to ask yourself before you film.

1. Who is the audience?

Sounds like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how often this gets overlooked. Your audience should dictate everything from the style of the video to what you wear. Think about who your end user is and who the decision makers are in your industry and cater everything to them.

2. What do you want your audience to learn?

Teach them about your brand, your people, your clients, your purpose. Teach them about your industry teach them how your offering will set them free. Whatever that concept is take time to polish it, condense it, and perfect it. You should be able to write this message in one

3. What’s the best way to tell them?

Based on your audience in your content decide the best way to communicate your message. This could be an animated explainer or a company culture video. Think about what your customers like to watch, mimics brand leaders in your industry, and get creative.

So there you go. Ask yourself those three questions and go get filming!