Today let’s talk about the 3 main reasons why every business should be using SEO.

Number 1: SEO works.

When folks are looking to make a purchase of a product or service. To find a new company to do business with, they’re looking at the top of the search engines. That’s where your business needs to be positioned in order to get as many new customers as possible.

Number 2: SEO typically has a very high return on investment.

It beats radio, it beats TV, it beats billboards, SEO beats them all. The more that you’re putting in to SEO the more you’re getting back out of it.

Number 3: Your competition is doing it.

You need to be in the game of SEO because your competitors already are. Since 2008 the statistics show that there has been a dramatic rise in the number of small businesses. Competition is constantly growing and there are only 10 listings on the first page of a google listing so you have to compete with those 10 listings in order for you to compete at all.

The Final Word

So we’ve learned that there are three main reasons for utilizing SEO. SEO works, SEO has a high return on investment, and your competitors are already doing it. Alright get on out there and get those google rankings up. Your business will thank you for it!