Alright, you have a brand new WordPress website but what happens after you launch? Who keeps it updated? And what happens if it crashes or gets hacked? Here are three tips for hosting your WordPress website:

1. Monthly Updates

WordPress is a database-driven content management platform which basically means there are a lot of moving pieces. It’s also open source software which means it’s really flexible and always improving. So what does that mean for you? It’s important to keep everything updated on a monthly basis. That includes WordPress core updates, security updates, and plug-in updates. If you don’t keep things updated, things break, people get mad, and bad things happen.

2. Daily Backups

WordPress is a stable platform but sometimes things happen and you have to restore to a previous backup point. Whether it’s a plug-in or theme conflict, even a few lines of code to take down your entire website. We recommend you take daily backups with one click restore points so you can get your website back up and running quickly.

3. Dedicated Server

It’s not a requirement but we always recommend hosting your website on a dedicated server. Shared servers have hundreds of thousands of websites on one server, whereas dedicated servers have only a handful of websites. By hosting your website on a dedicated server, it’s faster, more secure and much more reliable.

Those are three quick tips for hosting your WordPress website. Let us know if you ever have any questions or need help hosting your WordPress website.