Every company know that they have to market themselves effectively but there’s a WHY behind every marketing strategy. A lot of companies tend to miss the mark on this which can result in confusion. So let’s break this down into 4 basic components that can simplify your marketing strategy.

  1. Target Audience – Who are you talking to? You can start to segment your target audience and then create your buyer personas so you can really get to know who that person is.
  2. Messaging – What kind of message I want to craft that’s going to get through to my target audience. There are three parts of messaging: Message Content which what you tell your target audience, Mission which is what you are trying to achieve and Design which is the aesthetic, phrasing, and imagery.
  3. Distribution – Distribution is the channel that’s taking your message from A to B. It’s basically like the vehicle that’s getting your message to your audience.
  4. Results – A couple of things. Money, how much do I need to spend on this?And Measurement, your return on investment (ROI).

Start by asking yourself why. Why are you marketing your business? And then use these four components to start filling in the blanks of what your marketing strategy is.