Ok so you’re thinking about redesigning your website. But do you really need a redesign? And is it the right time? Ask yourself these four questions and you’ll have the answer.

  1. How old is your website?
    It’s kind of like asking, “How old is the milk in your fridge?” At some point it starts to smell and nobody wants to touch it. The industry standard is about 3 years but we see clients redesign anywhere between 2 and 4 years. If your website is older than 4 years, it’s probably time to redesign.
  2. Is your website mobile friendly?
    If your clients and customers can’t load your website on their iPhones, you’re missing a huge opportunity. In today’s day and age, your website needs to be mobile friendly. If it’s not, it’s time to redesign.
  3. Is your website doing its job?
    If the purpose of your website is to be educational, are you educating people effectively? Or if the purpose of your website is to get new leads, are you landing new prospects? If your website isn’t doing its job or something in your business has changed, it’s time to redesign.
  4. Does your website reflect your business?
    Whether it’s your logo, your messaging, or your content, your website should look and feel like your business. You want to give people the right impression. It’s kind of like online dating. You don’t want to show up and find out your super hot date is and 80 year old cat lady. No offense to 80 year old cat ladies.

So that’s it, now you know. It’s either time to redesign your website, or update your online dating profile. Or both! Either way, change is good. Is it time to redesign your website?