Hook your Viewer

Video attention spans are getting smaller and smaller (now somewhere between 5 and 8 seconds). Starting your video with a captivating aerial clip can help your viewer settle into their seat and actually listen to what you’re saying.

Provide a Unique Perspective

Aerial footage, compared to what we can capture from the ground, unlocks new angles and perspectives. Portraying your content in these unique ways can help viewers engage and understand your work on a deeper level.

Capture the Whole Picture

Sometimes you just can’t zoom out enough. Aerial footage allows the viewer to see the whole picture. Take this shot of the BrewBarge in Portland, for example. On-board shots can only show so much; to truly experience the BrewBarge, you need to see the whole picture.

Add Validity

It’s 2016 and videos are everywhere. Aerial footage can help your video stick out from the pack. When done well, aerials portray professionalism to your video and your brand. When concepting our video for BrewCycle in Portland, aerials were seen as “necessary” in order to stand out.

Reinforce your Message

Whether you’re talking about your farm, your city, or your product, aerial footage can help capture the essence of what you’re communicating. Saying you have 3,000 acres of orchards in the Yakima Valley doesn’t have the same impact as showing it.

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