Superior Products. Turn-key Service.

We develop environmental solutions that we deliver with our comprehensive service program. This combination of superior product and turn-key service is our customer promise.

Providing environmental solutions for all.

Grease and Odor challenges plague cities nationwide. Whether you have grease hotspots near restaurant row or hydrogen sulfide corroding your manholes, we have a solution for you.

Starch deposits restrict flow and optimal operation in corrugated plants. Consistent use of Helix products reduces downtime and prolongs equipment life.

Waste streams contain pollutants that need to be separated before disposal. Helix products enable recyclers to economically maximize recoverable resources.

Homeowners across the country face the same challenges that are encountered in the industrial market. Helix brings commercial strength products to households solving slow flowing drains, smelly appliances, artificial turf odor, and pond maintenance.

How we implement our solutions.

Here at Helix, we understand every challenge is unique. Our team is committed to tailoring a custom approach that is effective and affordable.

Expert Assessment + Consultation
Turn-key Implementation
Ongoing Replenishment
Regular Review + Recalibration

High quality products delivered with turn-key service.

We manufacture eco-friendly products designed to treat waste streams, boosting capacity and preserving infrastructure. Superior products alone are not sufficient in our ever-changing environment. We’re committed to providing unmatched customer service and support.