We all know that video can help your business connect with your target market but what kind of video is right for you? Here are some ideas.

Number 1: Personal Videos.

Introduce yourself to a new lead or help your company land a big sale.

Number 2: Process Videos.

These simply walk your viewer through your process. For example, if you’re an investment firm, create a short video that showcases how your process is different from your competition.

Number 3: Landing Page Video.

Often your website is the first impression for your customers. An approachable video can help your business stand out and also give your customers an inside look at your business.

Number 4: A Company Overview Video.

People on your website have a limited attention span so creating a video that showcases who you are, what you do, and why you do it, can help articulate your message.

Number 5: Social Media Content.

Whether or not you have lots of followers, video will help you engage with your audience.

You can shoot a professional video or even just capture some footage on your iPhone. If any of those video ideas stuck out to you, reach out to a local video pro or pull out your phone and get started.