Getting thousands of visitors to your website is great; however in the end it is all about generating conversions.

Getting thousands of visitors to your website is great; however in the end it is all about generating conversions. What’s the use in spending your hard earned online marketing dollars to send a lot of traffic to your site if no one buys or signs up for anything?

According to research performed by Econsultancy, for every $92 spent on acquiring traffic only $1 is spent on trying to convert them.

Fortunately here is a list of 7 simple tasks that you can perform that can have a drastic impact on improving your website conversion rates.

1. Make your benefits stand out (Unique Value Proposition):
Let the consumer know what benefits your product or service offers that others do not. It’s important to make this stand out on your homepage as well as on some of your landing pages. Examples include free shipping, 24/7 customer support, 10% off all orders, etc. This is a tactic often called “unique value proposition” because you’re highlighting something that makes your business different (or unique).

2. Incorporate one or more credibility markers.
Credibility markers include testimonials, reviews, and badges on your site, but it can go further with things like money back guarantees, clear privacy policies, and even memberships to the BBB or other local organizations. Having these different indicators on your site lets visitors know that your business can be trusted.

Specifically when you’re working with testimonials or you are creating a section of company logos where you’ve been published or mentioned, it’s especially important to try and feature influencers in your industry. If people recognize anything on your website that they already trust then they will be more likely to trust you; and therefore more likely to convert.

3. Have clear call to actions.
To put it simply, you should make it blatantly obvious what you want your users to do on your site. If your conversion goal is to obtain the website visitors contact info as a lead, then it is important to present that submission or contact form in a way that the visitor can find clearly, but without being too obnoxious about it. If your goal is to generate a sale on the website, make it as simple as possible for the visitor to locate what he/ she is looking for as they navigate through your website.

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