Case Study


Kinnamons is a bakery based in Portland, Oregon with a simple mission: To make the best cinnamon roll that you have ever had.


Project Overview

Kinnamons is a bakery in Portland that makes the best cinnamon roll you’ve ever had. It was our job to highlight their one-of-a-kind culinary products with eye-catching visuals and engaging social media content. Here’s how we made it happen.



For photo and video, we had one goal: make the customer drool. We used a specialized probe lens to get super close-up shots of the texture of each cinnamon roll — so close you felt like you could taste them. We also utilized a mix of wide and vertical video formats for use across a variety of screens (desktop, mobile) and platforms (TikTok, Instagram Reels).



We then took this new drool-inducing imagery and started sharing it with the masses. We highlighted Kinnamons’ unique products and customer experiences through story content across multiple social channels, helping drive sales by reminding Portlanders that they deserve to indulge every once and a while.

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