Case Study


SuperDeluxe is a fast-food restaurant chain based in Portland, Oregon with four delicious locations.


Project Overview

SuperDeluxe came to us looking to showcase their "drive-in vibes" by using photo/video content to display classic fast food and unique seasonal items. After capturing finger-licking photo & video content, we dropped mouth-watering social posts to give the people what they want.



We're not sure if it was easier to shoot or eat the content - but both were a treat. Luckily, the burgers, fries, and shakes are all eye-popping so we focused on capturing the amazing textures and colors that make SuperDeluxe so unique (and yummy).



After taking hunger-inducing pics & video, we focused on establishing SuperDeluxe as a staple for burger-loving Oregonians by mixing eye-catching photo/video content with occasional graphics for holidays and promos to be featured on social media.

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