The BrewCycle is the most Portland thing you can do. When we heard BrewGroup wanted to make a promotional video to showcase what it’s all about, we were pretty excited (to put it lightly). We scheduled a tour, filled the bike with their employees, and set off. Luckily the weather cooperated and we were able to get all the footage we were looking for.

The goal was to allow the viewer to experience what it’s like to be on BrewCycle before they sign up. Specifically we wanted to walk the viewer through the entire process from climbing on, to taking the final group photo. Along the way we also wanted to highlight all the little details that make the experience so special.

The use of our drone was an obvious choice for this shoot. It captured the essence of the city and the made the final product much more professional. We brought out the big guns for our handheld as well, hooking up our Sony A7S to the Atmos Shogun and recording the entire video in 4K.

The final product is hosted on Vimeo and is embedded on the BrewGroup website, giving viewers the ability to get a taste of what’s to come.