Need a few quick tips on how to increase your website conversions? Below is a quick roadmap to help you create a successful conversion path so you can start converting your visitors into leads.

But first, why do most websites not covert visitors into leads?

The biggest reason why most websites fail to convert visitors is lack of effort. It takes a lot of work to plan, build and measure successful conversion paths.

1. Create Buyer Personas

The first and most important step is to understand your website visitors. If you’re using a “shotgun” approach, you’ll never truly understand your visitors and conversions will suffer. We recommend creating buyer personas so you can craft your content and call-to-actions around those people.

2. Create a Campaign

Now that you know “who” you’re targeting, it’s time to create a campaign around that buyer persona. First, you’ll want to create an offer (like a free ebook or free consultation – depends on where your buyer is in the buying process). Then you will need to map out a call-to-action, landing page and thank you page. Once you have a plan in place, it’s time to start building assets.

2. Design Eye-catching Calls to Action

We’re not talking about big neon buttons or banners that are obtrusive and annoying. Create eye-catching call-to-actions that people want to click. Keep the content simple, design strong and the offer attractive to the user. You want to provide your visitors with helpful information wherever they are in the buying process.

3. Setup Easy Forms

It sounds simple enough but don’t overwhelm your visitors with long forms. Keep it short and sweet. We recommend using a maximum of 5 input fields for lead generation forms. Also, keep the form process simple. Make sure inline validation is easy to understand and always send them to a thank you page.

4. Build Thank You Pages

The last part of successfully converting visitors into leads is sending them to a killer thank you page. Let them know what the next steps are and provide them with other helpful information, resources and other offers that may help push them further down your marketing funnel.

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