How often do you find yourself tongue-tied when you’re talking about your brand? Uhh…I work at this agency…We do creative work. Believe me, it happens to the best of us. So what is your brand?

Brand Mantra
Your brand is made up by your brand mantra – or in other words, the hear and soul of your business. I know that can be vague so let’s break it down into three things.

  1. Brand Function – This is the nature of the product or service offering for your business. For example, I’m an ice cream shop owner, our brand function would be that we sell ice cream.
  2. Descriptive Modified – This further articulates the nature of the brand or service offering. Our ice cream shop offers fries and milkshakes. Those help set the context to the brand function simply beyond what we do.
  3. Emotional Qualified – What is going to emotionally compel my target audience to want to purchase my product over my competitor? My ice cream shop was founded by my great-great grandmother. Our family loves ice cream and we care about the customer’s experience.