Rules Made to Be Broken

Marketing is confusing, overwhelming and ever-changing. With a billion (maybe that’s a slight over-estimation) ways to market your business, what are the foundational rules of marketing? Better yet, what are the NEW rules of marketing in today’s world? Take a quick peek below at the new(er) rules of marketing:

The Old Rules
Step 1. Create a product that has a broad appeal to a large number of consumers or buyers.
Step 2. Reach as large an audience as possible with a message that appeals to many of those potential buyers.
Step 3. Create a recognizable brand name that can be extended into additional product categories.

The New Rules
Step 1. Create a product that addresses a very specific type of consumer and buyer.
Step 2. Target your initial messaging at that audience in order to “convert” them into your advocates.
Step 3. Have those advocates define your brand name and the future of your offerings.

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