Our Story

Our story began back in 2008 when our two co-founders, Noah Battle and Jeff Barram met for the first time in a Portland-area Starbucks. With a shared vision and core values, they immediately clicked and by the end of coffee decided to join forces. As they say, the rest is history.

We’re passionate about telling your story, making your marketing shine, and helping you grow. We love getting to know our clients, understanding their businesses, and partnering with them to reach their goals. And with over 12 years in business, more than 250 happy clients, and over 5,000 successful projects – we have both the experience and expertise to help you move the needle.


Noah Battle

Partner, Chief Marketing Strategist

Hi I’m Noah, one of the co-founders and I lead all strategy and internet marketing here at Sproutbox. My professional background is in marketing leadership and software engineering. I live in the Portland area with my family and enjoy the occasional camping or fishing trip.

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Jeff Barram

Partner, Web Director

Hey there I’m Jeff, the other co-founder. I’ve always had a passion for creativity, technology, and problem-solving. I take pride in responding to emails in minutes, not hours. And I love working with our clients, partners, and employees to help them reach their potential.

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Peter DeLap

Partner, Media Director

Hi, I’m Peter the Media Director. I’ve been making videos since I was 12 years old with my parents’ VHS camcorder. My passion is to tell authentic and engaging stories creatively. I love helping businesses communicate their mission through video, photo, and social media content.

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Kelsie Hull

Lead Designer

Hi, I’m Kelsie! I’m your go-to person for all things creative, including brand identities, motion graphics, layout design, and more. Translating thoughts and ideas into visuals is my bread and butter. I love diving deep into what makes brands tick and creating visuals that reflect the core of a brand.

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Courtney Starks

Lead Developer

Heya! I’m Courtney, the nerd at Sproutbox. I build robust and interactive websites that focus on a positive and impactful user experience. Whether we are taking on a one-page site or a full-scale web application, I am always ready for a challenge. When I’m not coding or moving pixels around, you can find me mountain biking or out playing on the water.

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Taylor Halvorson

Social Media Strategist

Hey, I’m Taylor! As our Social Media Strategist, I’m involved in pretty much every aspect of the social media experience here at Sproutbox! I love creating content and running ad campaigns that drive traffic and amplify brand awareness across social. When I’m not deep in the weeds of ad platforms, you can find me trying all the great food Portland has to offer and listening to music 24/7.

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Regina Pilipchuk

Web Developer

Hey there, I’m Regina – one of our developers here at Sproutbox. I dream in code and love turning complex problems into sleek solutions. When I’m not squashing bugs or wrestling server configurations, you’ll find me enjoying nature, cooking like Remy from Ratatouille, or working on any sort of creative project.

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Avery Arnett

Graphic Designer

Hey y’all I’m Avery and I’m a graphic designer here at Sproutbox! Nothing makes me happier than brainstorming thoughtful creative solutions to design problems. When I’m not hard at work, you can usually catch me hiking with my dog Pancake or running on a trail through Forest Park.

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Zach McKinley


Yo! I’m the guy who’s usually holding a camera! I love taking ideas and translating them into visual media! No video is too big or too small. When I’m not on a film set, I’m hanging out with my wife and two cats Mochi and Meeko.

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Riley Nagel

Marketing Manager

Hey all, I’m Riley! As the Marketing Manager, I have the privilege of supporting clients throughout their digital marketing journey with Sproutbox. From ideation to larger-scale projects, nothing makes me happier than facilitating client growth. Away from my desk, you can find me tumbling down the mountain on my snowboard, snuggled up with my pets, or scavenging for the best finds at the local thrift shops.

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Asia Pavao

Social & Content Manager

Hey! I’m Asia, the Social & Content Manager here at Sproutbox. I love storytelling and helping brands inspire their audiences through social media. Outside of work, you can find me painting, playing music, rearranging my collection of houseplants, or on a walk with my partner and our dog, Kali.

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Lucian Green

Content Writer

Hey there! I’m Lucian, the Content Writer and wordsmith here at Sproutbox. I love helping our clients make authentic connections with their customers through engaging blog, website, email, and social media content. When I’m not pacing the room mulling over copy edits, you can find me drinking tea, writing poetry, having dance parties with my daughter, or watching British reality TV shows with my wife.

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Manny Coria

Project Manager

Hi, I’m Manny, I’m the project manager here at Sproutbox with a passion for all things creative. My job is to make sure that the right amount of pressure is put on the right projects at the right time to make your ideas happen! I love to connect with people and am passionate about how brands use creativity to tell powerful stories. When I’m not working, you’ll find me playing tennis, walking my dog, or most likely eating good food in the Portland Area.

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Guard Dog

Roof, I’m Gus. When I’m not sleeping on the job, I’m either chasing my tail or chewing on delicious bone. I love long walks on the beach and playing with my friends at the park. If you’re nice, I’ll give you some licks but if you’re not, I’ll kindly escort you out of the building.


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Do the right thing, every time. We put people before profits because at the end of the day, that’s more important than anything else.

We believe in great work. Even when it means putting in the extra work because our clients are partners – not transactional customers.

Be honest and transparent with our clients and partners. In our experience, transparency is always the best path forward.