Stop using Internet Explorer. Right. Now. The bug-ridden internet browser has been on a steady decline the past 8 years and with the newest security threat – we can only hope that this signals the death of IE.

Consider this a wake-up call.

It’s easy to ignore Internet security scares, especially when there’s a deluge of news about them. In the month of April alone, we were bombarded with news about the pervasive Heartbleed bug, a massive AOL hack and the Internet Explorer glitch.

But there are real world consequences. The Heartbleed bug was used to steal personal information of Canadian taxpayers. The AOL (AOL) hack led to a flood of spam (that could link to infected websites.)

An attack like Clandestine Fox is of the more serious variety — a cyber reconnaissance mission by a foreign government that reveals weaknesses in industries crucial to the United States’ economy, defenses and power. It targeted power plants, banks, government agencies and military technology, which is essentially a precursor for war, said David Kennedy, CEO of security consulting firm TrustedSec.

“They’re going after the core critical infrastructure of the United States, so in the event of a war, they can take it down,” Kennedy said. “The scary part is that the financial sector and energy are extremely vulnerable.”

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