Is your wordpress website mobile-friendly? Do you even know? Lucky for you, Google has launched a free tool to check mobile-compatibility:

If your website IS NOT mobile-friendly, it’s becoming increasingly important that you adapt to the change in technology and user behavior. We’ve outlined 3 options below for converting your website into a mobile-friendly format that engages your audience anywhere, anytime.

1. Mobile Plugin

The first and most cost-effective option is to install a mobile plugin that automatically detects a user’s resolution and if they are viewing your website under a specific resolution (ex. 480 pixels), it triggers a new mobile-friendly theme. This is a great option for budget-conscious websites that are looking for a quick and affordable solution.


  • Very affordable with little to no reoccurring cost
  • Easy to install and configure


  • Template-based design is limited
  • Does not maintain website look and feel
  • May not display custom post-type content well

An example of a mobile plugin that we recommend is:

2. Existing Website Conversion

The second option is to convert your existing website into a mobile-friendly or “responsive” format. Basically your website would “respond” to a variety resolutions – whether it be mobile or desktop.


  • Highly-custom solution
  • Seamless look & feel
  • Ability to display almost all content


  • A little more of an up-front investment
  • Project length is a little longer
3. New Mobile-friendly Website

The last option is to create a brand new website that has built-in mobile-friendly features and responsive behavior. While the up-front expense is higher and the project length is longer, this is a great fit for companies thinking about a website redesign because you can package mobile-friendly features into the project.


  • Brand new website design
  • Professional, mobile-friendly responsiveness


  • Most expensive solution
  • Longest project length
Hungry for more?

Explore our mobile-friendly conversion packages to help you convert your wordpress site into a fully-functioning, mobile-friendly website.

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