4 Ways to Optimize Your Referral Traffic

Between SEO, social media, email marketing, blogger outreach and paid media, getting people to your site isn’t just a balancing act — it’s a lesson in time management and attention to detail.

But spreading yourself — and your budget — thin on platforms that aren’t actually converting is a waste of time. You need to know where your best customers are coming from and then spend dollars to earn more eyeballs on these sites where you know you already have fans.

Analyzing and optimizing your referral traffic is how you’ll squeeze the most out of your marketing strategy and ad dollars, build a dedicated fan base and find partners that will help develop your audience. We spoke with a handful of marketers who’ve mastered referral optimization to boost their bottom line; below, they let you in on how it was done.

1. Understand the Different Kinds of Referrers
There are two types of referrals in a referrals report — referring domains and individual referrals — and both are important. You’ll want to analyze both metrics to get a complete understanding of your referral sources.

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