We have formed a long-term partnership with WCP Solutions to provide consistent, high-quality social media content and management, video production, website design, and blog post content.

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WCP Solutions is a wholesale distribution company that provides paper, packaging, equipment, food service, facility, and first aid supplies to businesses around the Northwest. WCP’s social media efforts had been a low priority and lacked a high-level strategy, consistency, and branded aesthetic. Their website was also feeling a bit dated and needed a design overhaul.


With over 500 trucks on the road every day, WCP had major organic brand recognition. We saw a major opportunity to bring this brand recognition online. Specifically, on social media we saw a great opportunity to become a thought leader in the industry, showcase new and existing product lines, and tell internal human stories.


After an in-depth discovery process, we mapped out the content and posting strategy for social media. We refined the ongoing visual aesthetic of the brand and provided rules for the brand’s tone and voice across social platforms. We also outlined WCP’s highest priority website needs and created a plan for the redesign.

  • Discovery Meeting
  • Visual Aesthetic
  • Tone and Voice Document
  • Website redesign plan


First, we scheduled, produced, and shot our first content marketing package that provided organic content for three months worth of social posts. We captured product photos, employee spotlights, demonstration videos, location-specific video tours, and much more. We then built out the social media calendar, wrote captions, developed hashtags, and posted on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Lastly, we created website mockups and coded the new designs.


WCP has seen great results from our marketing efforts, both from our reporting and word of mouth. The two highest priority platforms are Instagram and LinkedIn and are seeing an average of 14% and 11% engagement rates respectively (up 26% and 21% from the previous year). Instagram followers have organically increased by 23% in the last 6 months and LinkedIn followers have grown 14% the same time period. And likewise, the new website redesign has complimented the social media success by maintaining a consistent, branded approach.

Increase in LinkedIn engagement
Videos and photos
Increase in Instagram engagement
New website redesign

5-Star Client Review by AKS Engineering

"We've had a great experience working with Sproutbox. They are very easy to work with and communicate with. We've especially loved the videos they have produced for us. Love working with Peter."

Nick Nieto, Director of Marketing & Ecommerce