Meet Flint.

So apparently has some major competition in the brick & morter retail market. Flint is a relatively new company that enables you to accept credit and debit cards without a card reader. All you do is scan the credit card and it reads the number – which is pretty slick. “All you need is […]

Tweet, Tweet, Sell

This is kinda a big deal. Twitter just announced that anyone can now advertise on their platform. “Twitter on Tuesday opened up its advertising options for all U.S. users. The company had previously made advertising on the platform invite-only. Kevin Weil, Twitter’s senior director of product for revenue at Twitter, made the announcement at TechCrunch […]

Mobile is here.

With the ever-increasing amount of people accessing data and making transactions online, is your business staying ahead of the curve? Tap and buy: Come 2017, approximately 25% of online retail transactions in the U.S. will take place on mobile devices, more than double the number that occurred in 2012, according to an eMarketer study published […]

Do you have “Klout”?

At long last, Klout is making the data it has collected through its social-scoring service available to businesses. The company announced on Wednesday it would be launching Klout for Business, allowing large-scale brands the opportunity to better understand how people influence each other on social networks. Read the full article here: x (x)

The Newest @ Dropbox

Dropbox recently released some pretty awesome features in its desktop client. Take a peek below. “Today Dropbox announced upgrades to its desktop client to allow for quick sharing of files with others, and improved updates that will help users keep up with the service. The most significant update in the 2.0 build involves an easier […]

Pinterest for Business?

You guessed it. Pinterest has finally started rolling our their monetization plan – and it includes attracting businesses with analytics. Take a look below. “Pinterest introduced a web-based analytics tool Tuesday morning, allowing site owners to track users’ engagement with their sites on the social network. The free tool allows site owners to track the […]

Rules Made to Be Broken

Marketing is confusing, overwhelming and ever-changing. With a billion (maybe that’s a slight over-estimation) ways to market your business, what are the foundational rules of marketing? Better yet, what are the NEW rules of marketing in today’s world? Take a quick peek below at the new(er) rules of marketing: The Old Rules Step 1. Create […]

Desktop is Dead

Ok, that’s not entirely true – but there is a shift (or rise) in mobile access. More and more people are viewing websites on their mobile devices (iPads, iPhones etc). But you already knew that didn’t you? What you don’t know is that (surprisingly) a growing number of people prefer to view a full website […]