5 Social Media Biz Strategies You’ll See This Year

Looking ahead in 2013, social media will no doubt play a pivotal role in successful marketing campaigns. Take a look at 5 social media business strategies that you’ll likely see this year and see if one might be a good fit for your business. 1. Goodbye, Surveys: “Many of the more progressive brands have already […]

The New Facebook?

Could this be the new facebook? Designed by Fred Nerby, this is an inspirational (and conceptual) look into what the future for facebook might hold. We especially dig the login screen – very slick. Now we’ll just have to wait to see if Facebook utilizes any of Fred’s user interface elements.

Better than Most

This is a fantastic video (a little long but worth it) from Nick Campbell about the “Creative Gap” that is growing and widening at a blistering pace. If you’re looking for creative services, this is a great video to watch because it explains how and why so many creative services fall short in today’s marketplace.

The Right Customers

Finding the right customers & clients can be a challenging and daunting journey. This is a great talk from Dr Florian Heinemann (CEO of Rocket Internet) where he explains what this concept means.

Break the Rules

Do you break rules or follow rules? Are you racing to the top or to the bottom? This is a great one minute video from Seth Godin that visually explains what it means to make a conscious decision to either break or follow rules. Once you make this decision, you are empowered to move in […]