Go figure, Google went and created something else that totally rocks the socks off anything else out there. Check out this article from Mashable and then go request an invitation (yes it’s still invite-only) to download it.

Google is a company that thrives on innovation, and it has brought that energy and spirit to the email channel over the last few years, helping shake up the industry that just won’t change (see, I didn’t say “die” there). Google seems to have doubled down on email as it realizes it is the cornerstone of the consumer Internet experience.

The latest shake-up in the inbox is their latest product called Inbox (hey, no one said they are innovative product marketers). A provoking article about why Google wants to replace Gmail is a must-read as a companion piece to this article.

Speaking of this piece, I asked three heavy-hitters to let me know whether this latest curveball was a blessing to email marketers and consumers or a terrifying change to the tried-and-true experience of checking and reading your email.

My three guests in this two-part article are Chad White of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Ryan Phelan of Acxiom and Jay Jhun of BrightWave.

What is your impression of inbox? Major game changer to all who use and love email or cute enhancements that won’t change many things on marketing or consumer side?

Chad White: Inbox raises the bar. No one is innovating more around the consumer inbox than Google right now. Just in the last 18 months the Gmail team has rolled out their native unsubscribe link more widely, turned images on by default, launched grid view, and, of course, debuted Tabs. I’ll be shocked if this doesn’t spur other inbox providers to release significant updates by next summer.


Read the full article here: http://mashable.com/2014/10/31/inbox-email-marketing/