Why Partner with a Website Design & Development Agency?

Why Partner With a Website Design & Development Agency?

Building a brand new website or redesigning your existing website can be a daunting, frustrating, and time consuming experience. At Sproutbox, our primary goal is to make this process as efficient and effective as possible. Let’s partner together.

  • Professional Design & Development
  • Experienced Project Management
  • Affordable Pricing
  • On-Time Delivery

When starting a website project, it’s important to consider scope, timeline, and budget. We highly recommend talking with a few potential digital marketing partners to see who feels like the right fit and aligns with your goals.

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Full-Service Website Design & Development for Your Business.

Whether you need a brand new website or just a few tweaks to your existing website, we have the expertise and experience to make your website magical. We’ll walk you through the whole process, from start to finish. Our design & development team will help you build an amazing website.

  • WordPress Websites
  • Shopify E-Commerce
  • Squarespace Websites
  • Wireframes, Mockups & Prototyping
  • Coding & Development
  • Responsive / Mobile
  • User Experience (UI / UX)
  • WordPress Hosting

Looking for additional website design & development services? Give us a shout and we’d be happy to let you know if we’ve got the chops. Otherwise, we’d be happy to refer you to one of our awesome partners.

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Full-Service Website Design & Development for Your Business
Website Design & Development FAQ

Website Design & Development FAQ

How often should a business redesign their website?
On average, businesses redesign their website every 3-4 years. Of course, this depends on the industry and competition. In our experience, clients with successful websites typically redesign their website about every 3 years.

Do you provide hosting & maintenance?
Yes, we provide Fully-Managed WordPress Website Hosting and Maintenance. We have a dedicated server where we perform daily backups, automated updates, and offer top-notch support. We’ll take care of your website so you can focus on running your business.

How long does a website project take?
There are many factors when it comes to a website project timeline. From content to client approval to revisions, the timing can fluctuate quite a bit. At Sproutbox, most of our corporate business website projects take between 2-4 months.

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What Makes a Successful Website Project?


It all starts with effective communication. We make sure to get everyone on the same page and establish open lines of communication. Each and every person involved in the project needs to have a solid understanding of expectations and how to voice their opinion appropriately.


We’re a collaborative digital marketing agency which means we partner with our clients on each and every project. We combine our client’s industry expertise with our own marketing experience to produce amazing results.


Our team implements a project management process that streamlines coordination and makes sure the project stays on track. Together, we work with our clients to coordinate all phases of the project so everyone is informed.

What Makes a Successful Website Project?

WordPress Website Design & Development

Sproutbox is a WP Engine Agency Partner

SquareSpace Website Design & Development

Shopify E-Commerce Website Design & Development

Plaid Pantry

We partnered with Plaid Pantry to help them completely overhaul their website. The result is a clean, fresh, mobile-friendly website that reflects their updated branding and messaging.

City of Happy Valley

We partnered with the City of Happy Valley to build a clean, modern, and fresh website with improved UI/UI with a mobile-first approach including a dark/light mode.


We partnered with Talkify to plan, design, build, and deploy their new website which features a fully-responsive design and back-end integration with their enterprise software.


To get things started, we’ll help you finalize all website design and development project deliverables including the website sitemap, page content, images, conversion points and other important pieces.


After we wrap up planning and have everything ready, we’ll begin the design phase of your new website which can include wireframes, mockups, and prototyping.


Once we have design assets in place, we’ll begin building your new website and keep you posted on our progress as we roll through development.


After preliminary website design and development, we’ll go through unlimited revision rounds (yes, we really mean unlimited) with you to make sure everything looks pixel perfect and exactly how you want it.


Before launch, we’ll perform pre-launch search engine optimization and browser/mobile optimization. Once we’re ready, we’ll get the final go-ahead from you and push live. After we go live, we’ll finish our post-launch checklist and schedule post-launch training.


After launch, we’ll take care of your WordPress Website Hosting & Maintenance which includes daily backups, automated updates, monthly reporting, and more. Don’t worry, your website is in good hands.

5-Star Client Review by Real Estate Entrepreneur

“Our gross sales went from $825K to $5.3 Million in almost 2 years with the implementation of Sproutbox to our website/marketing.They listen, they provide input and they always deliver.”

Ty Pollman, Real Estate Entrepreneur

5-Star Client Review by AKS Engineering

“Our company needed a major overhaul of our website, and after interviewing a selection of firms we found Sproutbox. Now that we’ve been live for a month, they remain extremely responsive and helpful.”

Renee Godwin, AKS Engineering

5-Star Client Review by Coleman County Telco

“Jeff and the team at Sproutbox are the absolute best! When you are ready to rebrand or rebuild your website this is who you want to work with, no doubt about it.”

Amber Bouldin, Coleman County Telco