Rebranding? 10 Questions to Ask

Thinking about rebranding or creating a brand new logo? It’s a big decision that should be taken seriously. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best questions to ask when starting this process. We recommend writing down your answers and compiling a “rebrand scope document” which outlines all of the information and requirements for the project.

1. Why are we rebranding?

2. Do we need a minor or major rebrand?

3. What is our story?

4. What are our services/products?

5. Who are our customers?

6. What does the competition look like?

7. What brand adjectives describe our company (clean, modern, vintage etc)?

8. Where will the logo be used (online, offline etc)?

9. What will be our brand transition strategy?

10. What is our budget and timeframe?