The tides of marketing may ebb and flow, but video marketing is here to stay. Companies like Google, Nike, and Coca-Cola are leveraging video marketing to create a connection with their consumers. As the desires of consumers change, video content has had to adapt. This evolution of content has caused video length polarization. Short content is getting shorter, while long content is getting longer. Both ends of this spectrum have their benefits and their drawbacks, the important thing is knowing how to implement short-form and long-form content to enhance your company’s ability to engage consumers.

Short-Form Video Content

Short Form Video Content


  • It’s like content candy for those with short attention spans
  • Can be a great tool to build anticipation for longer-form content
  • Quick. Easy. To the point. Which is perfect for short attention spans
  • Good for announcements
  • Creates broader brand awareness


  • The purpose isn’t to provide substantive content
  • Hard to create an emotional connection

YouTube ads give great insight into what types of video content are working and not working. People have become conditioned to have their “skip finger” ready to use on ads when watching YouTube videos. To combat the skip-happy viewer, companies are utilizing the non-skippable ad feature. These ads are short, typically around 6 seconds. As a result, short-form ads force the content to get straight to the point and communicate as simply as possible.

Quick Tip: Even if you’re not required to stick to 6-seconds, treat all short content like this. By doing so you are getting to the heart of the offering without all the fluff.

The younger generation especially responds to short-form ads. The length caters to short attention spans, while the straight forward message prevents them from feeling like the ad is salesy. Implementing honest, simple video content that gets straight to your value proposition will grab the viewer’s attention and create awareness. When creating your ad campaign, make a series of ads that play off of each other and tell a larger story.

Long-Form Video Content

Long Form Video Content


  • Perfect for substantive content
  • Storytelling can create an emotional connection
  • Paints a more detailed brand picture
  • Gives room for people to change the way they think
  • Great way to provide a peek into the customer journey through things like reviews and demos


  • Loses short attention spans
  • Not effective on certain platforms

The shorter short-form videos get, the longer long-form videos become. According to Wired Magazine, mid-length videos are a thing of the past. Videos ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours are becoming more popular. YouTube’s goal is to keep people on YouTube, therefore, their algorithm rewards the long-form. A larger portion of the younger generation is replacing cable TV, and even popular streaming platforms, with YouTube. They are craving consistent, entertaining, and niched content that is over 15 minutes long. A big chunk of this long-form video content is In the search for authenticity. Younger generations are watching day-in-the-life types of videos. Vlogs provide them with a look into the lives of the people that they admire most.

Knowing what type of content viewers are seeking on YouTube should inform your marketing efforts on the platform. Find ways to maximize long-form content in an authentic, non-salesy way. Here are some questions that can help you get thinking:

  • What specific piece of information or perspective do I (or my business) have that is unique to the world?
  • What are some honest conversations that could be valuable to industry peers?
  • How can my business be more authentic in letting the public behind the scenes?
  • The key to long-form video content is not production value. It’s consistency and honesty.

What is right for you? Short-Form Video or Long-Form Video?

Choosing the optimal form of content is key to having a successful video campaign. When deciding between long-form and short-form video content, it is important to keep your marketing goals in mind.

Short Form vs. Long Form Video Content


Video marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon. More and more companies are using both short and long-form video content to create a relationship with their customers. Through understanding the value of video marketing your company can convert potential customers into fans. The implementation of a mix of both short and long-form content leads to a well-rounded marketing presence that both engages and emotionally connects the customer to your brand.